Success Stories

I have been a patient of Dr. Jordan’s since 1995. Over the years He has seen me through whiplash, a herniated disc and even a broken L5 vertebra! With each injury, Dr. Jordan was able to help me heal and I believe he even saved me from surgery! I am a firm believer in Chiropractic care and I regularly continue with monthly wellness adjustments. For those that are skeptical, I understand, I was too 24 years ago. I have since learned how important our spine and central nervous system are. 

Chiropractic adjustments help the nervous system work better because they are all connected. Our brain, spine and central nervous system is our body’s way of communication. When something is out of adjustment, there are “misfires” happening. If you are hurting and are getting nowhere with medical professionals, you should come see Dr. Jordan. He will explain thoroughly how and why he can help you. His office is an open concept and everyone is sincere in helping you heal. Dr. Jordan and his staff also take time and give back to the community through food drives and angel trees.
-Jeana Schmidt

I was referred to Dr. Jordan by a Chiropractor in Indianapolis. I was in excruciating pain- seemingly all over! My neck, shoulders & lower back hurt and I had nerve pain in my temple that caused migraine headaches!  Since becoming a patient of Dr. Jordan’s, I no longer experience nerve pain and have less pain in my problem areas. Each adjustment is literally a sigh of relief for me! I was once a skeptic about Chiropractic care, I had heard stories and was leery. 

I am so happy I tried it! I am now able to function without fear! When one feels better physically, the mental aspect follows and makes the world of difference!  I appreciate the family-friendly atmosphere at Dr. Jordan’s. He and his staff make coming into the office as if you were visiting good friends- a bit ‘Cheers-esque’. 
-Tammy Sliwa

I came to see Dr. Jordan for the lower back pain I was experiencing.  After working with Dr. Jordan, I feel fantastic! I have discovered my lower back problem completely goes away with regular adjustments. I now tell everyone to let your body heal itself through Chiropractic. The human skeleton is an amazing healing machine if only given the chance!
-Joseph Berger

I have been a patient of Dr. Jordan’s for 10 years. With Chiropractic care, I have experienced pain relief and greater mobility. I am now able to do my work pain free! I would like people to know that Chiropractic works wonders! I recommend Dr. Jordan to all my family and friends. His office staff is friendly and they always take great care of us!
-Felicia Renner

When I first started with Dr. Jordan my hips were very out of alignment and my back and neck always hurt. It was hard to sleep and painful during the day. Now everything is aligned. I sleep great and have little pain. I would like to tell everyone that Dr. Jordan is friendly and cares about your wellbeing! His support staff is awesome and easy to talk to and everyone is so flexible!
-Jene` Lintz

When I was having hip pain, my sister recommended Dr. Jordan to me. In just a few months of appointments, my pain has lessened. I sleep better and even my sinuses have opened up! I feel I have found a Dr. who knows what he is doing and a staff who genuinely cares! A place where care is given, questions are answered, and kindness and compassion are displayed. 
-Brenda Green

I first visited Dr. Jordan for care when I was a cheerleader in middle school.  I didn’t return until 14 years later, after working at a hospital took a toll on my back and body. I had neck and lower back pain. Through Chiropractic care, Dr. Jordan has been able to relieve my back pain. I can feel the difference in my back and even with my health in general. 

Dr. Jordan is very knowledgeable, thorough, and attentive to your concerns. I tried other Chiropractic places years ago and was dissatisfied. I returned to Dr. Jordan and will continue to be here until he retires!
-Toni Hayden


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